A Spring Posy Program

First Time
by Yvonne Fisher
Socializing in a pandemic
directed by Ross Haarstad
A — Eileen Hagerty
B — Kit Wainer

Turtle Beach
by Aoise Stratford
Two turtles make the dangersous crossing to lay their eggs. May, a first-timer, is excited
and naive. Bev, a seasoned breeder, knows better.

directed by Marie Sirakos
May — Jasmine Scott
Beverly — Darcy Rose
setting: a beach at night

by Judith Pratt
In this comedy about corporate life and jargon, Consultant Stephanie discovers that her old UGIC boss Gale is behaving a little—inappropriately.
directed by AJ Sage
Stephanie — Katie Spallone
Gale — Judith Andrew
setting: a conference room at United General International Consolidated

Pink Glitter (part one)
written & performed by Ana Florencia Lopez Ulloa
(a reading adapted from the full production)
A video monologue over electronica music and engaging image loops, Pink Glitter portrays at Latinx community college student that explores gender violence by processing it through Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief. (for YouTube link to the complete video see BIOS)
directed byAna Florencia Lopez Ulloa and Debra Castillo

by Arthur Bicknell
An adaptation of an in-progress full-length play, “The Tragedy of Meg Beth, A Comedy in Less Than Five Acts.”
directed by Rachel Hockett
videography by Eric Merklein
Meg Beth Scott — Kristin Sad
Glory Wheeler — Rachel Hockett
Sky Fox – Arthur Bicknell
Barlow Bloom III — Blaise Bryski

Pink Glitter (part two)
written & performed by Ana Florencia Lopez Ulloa

Leaning In
by Mikel Moss
What happens when two men meet, vibe, and decide to throw caution to the wind?
(excerpt from a work in progress)

directed by Mikel Moss
assisted by Ross Haarstad
Djali — Allen Porterie
Xavi — Robert Denzel Edwards
Kirya — Chisom Awachie
setting: bedroom of Djali’s apartment

Buffalo Nation
written & performed by Sarah K. Chalmers
(excerpt from a work in progress about protecting the earth from human beings)
directed by Carley Robinson

Flora Wisdom
by Saviana Stanescu
Is she the Fool or The Devil? An immigrant fortuneteller reads Tarot cards for a wealthy client and has a revelation about herself.
directed by Marie Sirakos
Flora Wisdom — Karen Koyanagi

The Pop Cycle
by Kristen Wright
A powerful music producer faces a big choice: continued fame or artistic integrity?
directed by Noah Elman
Lily Graham-Taylor — Sylvie Yntema
Ivan Kowalski — Dave Dietrich
Todd Taylor — Trence Wilson-Gillem
Will Morgan — Eric Michael Hambury

The Course of Empire
by Rafael López
After stumbling into a museum exhibit on the eve of it’s opening, Federico suspects something more is going on with Jonathan when they find the exhibit’s centerpiece, a long lost painting.
directed by Tyler Struble
Jonathan — Colin McKechnie
Federico — Michael Marrero

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